why should I buy sustainable swimwear?

Some info about the knock-on effects of buying swimwear from fast fashion brands compared to buying sustainable swimwear.

island girls getaway - menorca

our island girls getaway

styling our swimsuit <3

designing our island girls collection !!

Where was your swimwear made?

I think one of the most exciting parts of being a swimwear brand owner is visiting the factories and seeing your vision come to life. Production of pieces has always been very hidden, yet I...

How to live more sustainably in 2023 🌱

Many of you may be making new years resolutions about how you can change up parts of your life in 2023 and so I thought I would share with you a couple of easy changes you...

How can this swimsuit only cost me only £3.50?

How to reduce the cost of your swimsuit... @thriftqueenlola So this is based around the idea of cost per wear. When you rewear things you own the cost of them decreases. So basically if you...

Swimwear made from fishing nets?

We keep telling you about how our swimsuits are made from discarded fishing nets, but what does that actually mean? Lets start from the beginning; Each of our swimsuits come from a different beginning, a...