our planet.

We want to give you a brand that helps the planet with every order. Not only are we sustainable by design, we give to different projects with every purchase.

By investing in a piece from SoSo Swim you are supporting healthier seas, a climate positive production, ethical pay and working conditions, and an independent female run small business.

our fabric.

Groups of volunteer divers find and rescue discarded fishing nets in the sea, some of which are caught on sealife. These nylon fishing nets are regenerated together with other nylon waste by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn. This is then produced with lycra into our swimwear fabric. This is one way we are able to help clean the oceans and save marine life.

At Soso Swim we give 1% to the organisation that rescues these fishing nets so they can continue to do their amazing work.

ECONYL is twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils so your swimmie will last you through every summer.It is also a soft and buttery fabric that not only feels amazing on but is tight to hold and shape your figure.

climate positive.

With every order we give a percentage to different organisations to make us climate positive. We offset our emissions by giving to organisations that plant mangrove trees, clean drinking water and promote renewable energy.

We've just released our sustainability report, check it out <3

our packaging.

Your swimwear comes in an organic cotton duster bag to keep it safe which can be reused for your swimsuit or for fruits and vegetables.We use recycled brown paper mailing bags to keep us zero plastic. Our Hygiene labels are made from sugar cane so they're completely compostable. Our swing tags are printed on handmade eco friendly paper that is made with germination so that once you receive your swimsuit, you can remove the tag, put it in a pot and watch as your flower grows.


In partnership with OWNI, we get to take responsibility for the whole life of our swimsuits. Our pre-loved platform is here, allowing our customers who are already wanting to buy a pieces find what they are looking second-hand. Not only does this help the planet by keeping what is already available in use, but also allows for sustainable swimwear to be attainable for those that can’t yet afford a piece.


All of our swimwear is currently made in the UK and Portugal.

This allows us to minimise the carbon footprint our swimwear has before it reaches its new owner. Our swimsuits are made ethically in a UK factory that we visit regularly to ensure ethical and safe practices.