girls in the wild

girls in the wild just launched

climate positive

made from discarded fishing nets

new swimsuit !!

our first ever long sleeved swimsuit <3 we want to encourage our community to get out in the wild and try
new things whether it be wild swimming, surfing snorkelling or more! the best way to connect with nature is to get out in it and I think we’ve made you a swimsuit that will encourage you to do all those things and feel amazing at the same time !! xxx

girls in the wild

our newest collection girls in the wild inspires us to get out into the world, get connected with nature and really feel at one with our mother earth

our new colours available are inspired by nature, lush jungle, waterfalls, coconuts, palm trees, and the deep blue of our oceans <3

climate positive.

ethically made.

1% to healthy seas.

our ethics.

We believe it's our (and every brand’s) responsibility to lessen our environmental impact and treat our planet kinder.

That's why we make every swimsuit from discarded fishing nets (and other waste) that are rescued from the sea saving sea life. We give 1% to Healthy Sea's, the organisation that rescues the fishing nets so we can help keep our oceans clean.