How our swimwear is sustainable.

How our swimwear is sustainable.

Here at SoSo Swim we aim to make our swimwear as sustainable as possible. This means spending hours researching the best fabrics, factories, materials, packaging etc. We've put a lot into it and that is why we wanted to share with you how our swimwear is sustainable.

Girl wearing our green swimsuit on a beach, holding a peach.

Each of our swimsuits are made from ECONYL fabric. A regenerated material made from discarded fishing nets and other waste which together with lycra becomes the perfect material for the sea. 

Our packaging is all plastic free. Instead of plastic we use a sugar cane hygiene labels for the swimsuit as it is a completely compostable material. We have brown paper bags.

And lastly, all our swimsuits are made in the UK, this means we can ensure that they are made ethical to the highest standards and we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Photo of swimsuit being made.