How to live more sustainably in 2023 đŸŒ±

How to live more sustainably in 2023 đŸŒ±

Many of you may be making new years resolutions about how you can change up parts of your life in 2023 and so I thought I would share with you a couple of easy changes you can make to help you live more sustainably in 2023.
This edition is to do with Fashion. Something I know so many of us love to get creative with, and is an integral part of our everyday lives. These tips aren't meant to be too difficult and are simple changes that if you include can really make a difference <3


Tip 1:

Unsubscribe from fast fashion email lists. So this one basically helps remove that temptation when you get an email telling you that you NEED this new dress for your weekend. It's hard, they're really good at marketing and so for you to read these emails and not get excited is difficult. That's why an easy change would be to go into your email list and just unsubscribe, that way there is no temptation.


Tip 2:

Avoid watching fast fashion hauls. This just breeds overconsumption, girls show you how they spent £200 on SO many new pieces and we're human, of course we love a deal! But guess what, you really don't need that many pieces, instead enjoy watching videos where you learn how to style a few pieces in many different ways!


Tip 3:

Search for your favourite brands but on second hand sites (e.g. vinted/depop) There are so many pieces that are still available in store on second hand sites, (and many still with tags) I love having a browse to see what new pieces I can find, and I do use the term Zara, Urban Outfitters etc. with my size because I do think some of there pieces are good, but I would rather help the planet and find them second hand :)


Tip 4:

Set a goal of how many pieces you will buy this year. You may not stay under it but it is a great goal that can help when you find a new pieces. It helps you to stop and think, if I can only buy 5 pieces this year, do I want this as one of my five. It will also make you love those pieces even more once you've got them as they are special to you <3


These are my 4 tips on how to live more sustainably in 2023, even if you take one or two of these away you will be making such a differenceÂ đŸŒ±

Romy xx