An organic lifestyle

An organic lifestyle.

Wanting to move towards a more organic lifestyle? We often see a label that lists organic food or clothes but we are not aware what it actually means.

Organic means the items haven’t been grown with pesticides. Pesticides are used by farmers to kill insects which could harm the growth of their crops. Both foods and clothes can be bought organically. Most often we use cotton for our clothes, this is grown in a field so will have pesticides also used to help the crop grow.

Why are pesticides bad? Pesticides are bad for 3 reasons, humans, land, insects/animals.

Humans; in our fruits and vegetables, the toxic chemicals are now in these foods that we eat and although we may not see the full effects now, eating chemicals cannot be good for the body. In regards to organic cotton, there are many deaths linked to using pesticides in cotton farming. There are studies that show they are linked to cancers, alzheimers and many birth defects

Insects; although these insects may be pesky to farmers, they are actually essential to our food chains. When we look at the big picture the insect population is declining by 10% every decade, this is detrimental for our biodiversity and species ecosystems. As I highlighted on our instagram reel we can see this decline just by looking at our car after a long journey. We used to have hundreds of dead bugs on the front and now that number is dwindling and dwindling.

Soil; Soil becomes un irrigable because the insects and organisms that regulate the soil have been killed. This means the soil will be unable to be used for years as it won’t be able to grow anything.

What can you do? Research to find out more. Documentaries like ‘The True Cost’ give an insight into cotton farming and the cost to the lives of these farmers.

Start looking at your food and clothes to see if they have organic labels.    

Please let us know if you have any other tips regarding organic farming, and if you have any topics you’d like us to discuss.

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