SoSo Swim

I'm Romy and I created SoSo Swim not only to bring an alternative to regular swimwear but to also help us learn more about our planet and find different ways to care for the it.
With SoSo Swim we are hoping to set an example of how a brand can be in harmony with the planet.

Why SoSo

SoSo has been part of my life for a while and it would be wrong to not have it as part of my next venture. When I was younger I lived in the sunshine state and there I started SoSo Dog Boutique, a small online shop for collars, leads, lifejackets and eco friendly shampoos and conditioners for doggies. With our tagline 'Go Green on the Dog Scene', we would head to boat shows that my dad would exhibit his eco-friendly boat cleaner. The name SoSo came from the name for the southend of West Palm beach near where we lived, and now it lives on into SoSo Swim.