Why the PLT resale platform just isn't sustainable.

PLT website & resale platform

With the recent news that PLT launched a resale platform you may be thinking fast fashion is stepping in the right direction towards more sustainable practices, but don't be fooled, even by using better fabrics & including resale platforms, fast fashion is still a concern for the planet. 

 PLT website & resale platform campaign.

Quantity - Although they now offer an opportunity to buy second hand, they're still releasing hundreds of new styles every week, pieces that are made to be worn just a couple of times. You can go to their website and check out the resale platform, whilst being tempted by the new pieces that are 'now' in fashion.


Quality - To be more sustainable they simply need to make less throwaway clothes. Although a resale platform is a great way to keep clothing circular, PLT doesn't focus on making clothes to last a lifetime. Fast trend pieces that aren't high quality, results in consumers not wanting to buy those pieces second hand, and means they still go to landfill. 


Slow fashion - We need to look towards a slower mode, hence the 'slow fashion' movement. Instead of creating thousands of new styles that will be forgotten about in weeks, we want to look towards timeless pieces that you will love for years. 


What we can do.

* Unsubscribe from their email lists, this will help get rid of the urge every time you get an email about more new styles.

* Buy pieces that are high quality and you see yourself wearing multiple times.

* Check out other second hand platforms like Vinted & Depop that are already full with unwanted fast fashion pieces. 


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