How to reduce the cost of your swimsuit...


So this is based around the idea of cost per wear. When you rewear things you own the cost of them decreases. So basically if you buy something you wear lots then it will be cheaper than buying something you'll only wear a few times, even if the original price was more.
This doesn't mean you have to wear the same outfit over and over again (although I definitely do) but you can have fun styling up your pieces in different ways.  I always try and show off how you can wear our original cut swimsuit in so many different ways, not only at the beach, but styling it up for the bar, date nights, evenings in with friends, there are endless possibilities.
Have a look in your closet and see what your favourite & theoretically cheapest item you own is. And see if there is anything in there that is still the same price as when you bought it.
Cost per wear = cost of the item ÷  how many times you've worn that piece
Once you work this out it can be easier to shop for new pieces too, simply think will I wear this again and again? Or will it just end up sitting in wardrobe.
These are the simple steps to help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle and in turn do less harm on the planet. Plus it's amazing when you're wanting to be more minimalist and not have hoards of clothes laying around.
@elll.rose styling our black swimsuit with pearls (Christmas party outfit idea?)
verfasst von Romy Jackson

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