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🌞 Summer picnic recipe 🌯

   🌞 Summer picnic recipe 🌯 Thanks to @Loznfod we get to bring you this perfect summer picnic recipe. Check out the video here @SoSo_Swim. Black bean and taco ‘meat’ fajitas Ingredients: Black beans Bay leaves 2 garlic cloves Salt and pepper Vegan mince or meat alternative Peppers Tomato Smoked paprika Chilli powder Cumin Large wrap Avocado Salsa Lime (or lime juice) lettuce Vegan cheese Cook black turtle beans as per instructions until soft (approx. 1hr) with garlic, bay leaves and season with salt and pepper Fry off vegan meat alt with peppers and season with more salt and pepper, smoked paprika, chilli powder and cumin After 5 minutes, add tomatoes to the ‘meat’ mixture until soft Layer wrap with black...

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An organic lifestyle

An organic lifestyle. Wanting to move towards a more organic lifestyle? We often see a label that lists organic food or clothes but we are not aware what it actually means. Organic means the items haven’t been grown with pesticides. Pesticides are used by farmers to kill insects which could harm the growth of their crops. Both foods and clothes can be bought organically. Most often we use cotton for our clothes, this is grown in a field so will have pesticides also used to help the crop grow. Why are pesticides bad? Pesticides are bad for 3 reasons, humans, land, insects/animals. Humans; in our fruits and vegetables, the toxic chemicals are now in these foods that we eat and...

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A plastic free kitchen

A plastic free kitchen. by Romy Jackson June 29, 2021   Moving towards a minimalist lifestyle can be a lot of fun and can make you feel much calmer in your own home. One excellent place to start can be your kitchen. A place in the home that is full of plastic but can be adjusted with some easy steps. These refillable jars from Green Island Co are the perfect addition to any kitchen. They are super aesthetic and can be great for rice, pasta, or nuts. Invest in some refillable jars and then find your local refillable store. Another way to keep your plastic low is to change out your olive oil from a plastic bottle to a glass bottle,...

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