I think one of the most exciting parts of being a swimwear brand owner is visiting the factories and seeing your vision come to life. Production of pieces has always been very hidden, yet I think this is one of the most exciting parts of our clothes, knowing how they were made. Seeing how they lay the tracing paper onto the fabric before cutting out the shape of the swimsuit, how the elastic gets threaded onto the edges and how the binding gets sewn on. It is all so intricate and really makes me appreciate each and every swimsuit so much more. I love to share the behind the scenes with you, so that you can see every part of what goes into making our swimwear and what will eventually end up at your door.

A great way to know if the pieces you are buying are sustainable is simply asking, where were those pieces made? This can be by messaging the brand or looking on their about us section on their website. It is amazing if you can see certification's too (something we're implementing soon!!) 

Romy xxx

Written by Romy Jackson

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