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Fast fashion has a 'haul' problem.
The fast fashion industry releases and sells hundreds and thousands of new pieces every week. They promote this fast turnaround where what is 'in' this month could already be 'out' next month. They encourage thousands of pounds worth of hauls with pieces made from low quality materials that won't last for years to come. And let's not mention the unethical production practices...

Want to break up with fast fashion?

Here are 3 tips to help you
1. Unsubscribe from those email lists (let's take away that temptation)
2. Enjoy taking a look at small brands and find original pieces you will love.
3. Take a look at what you've already got and make some cute new outfits out of those pieces!

Rewear to help cool down the planet.

We want to encourage rewearing in as many ways as you can so we've decided to show you some of the different ways you can wear your SoSo swimsuit (and we wrote a blog about it ;) 
One of the best ways you can help personally is wearing what you own more, and in different ways. It's difficult to buy less and I feel it too, you get adrenaline and excitement out of new shiny things, even just watching hauls of them gets the blood pumping. But it's time we train our brains to react differently, start getting excited when you find pieces you can wear again and again, enjoy the minimalist life where you have a few pieces you can wear so many different ways <3 (Think about the saving space in the suitcase too!)
You can read our blog here where we show a few different ways to wear our swimsuit but I've also added some styles below. x
Written by Romy Jackson

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