The materials at SoSo Swim.

We have put a lot of detail into trying to make our swimsuits as sustainable as possible. Almost every part of the swimsuit and packaging has had a past life and has been recycled to make what you are now buying. This blog goes into detail of the journey each part of our swimwear and packaging goes through and where your money has gone to purchase our swimsuit.


Our fabric.

Each of our swimsuits are made from ECONYL fabric, this is a regenerated nylon that is made of pre and post consumer waste. Also this is twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils. This means our pieces will last you longer, remember when you are buying products you are buying them for their price per wear, if your swimsuit is going to last your whole life then it is worth every penny. We hope these swimsuits get handed down through generation, and if not you are able to sell them on to others. We wanted to create something that would have purpose on this planet and not just go to the landfill when it was no longer wanted.


Eco elastic.

We use eco elastic in all of our swimsuits, this is manufactured in Spain with an OEKO TEX 'Made in Green' standard, meaning it is made sustainably and ethical. It is certified a 100% natural rubber. We have tried to not leave out any details to make our swimsuit as sustainable as possible.


Our swing tags are printed on handmade eco friendly paper that is made with germination so that once you receive your swimsuit, you can remove the tag, put it in a pot and watch as your flower grows. We wanted you to have a reminder to continue buying sustainable and help protect the Earth.


This is one that is such a simple switch for any business because it doesn't matter what you sell you can post it in sustainable packaging.

We use compostable mailer bags.

Our hygiene labels are also made from recycled paper.

Our working conditions.

Sustainably - We make all of our swimsuits in the UK. Manufacturing clothes in the UK produces 47% less emissions when compared to similar operations overseas. By manufacturing in the UK, we are also able to regularly visit where our pieces are made and it cuts out thousands of emissions from the swimsuits being flown from abroad.

Ethically - our swimsuits are all hand made in the UK. This is one of the reasons our swimsuits costs more than a conventional high street swimsuit. Wages in the UK are considerably higher than in Europe and the Far East, for good reason. We have regulations to keep workers safe and with a minimum wage. A huge issue in fashion now is the outsourcing of seamstresses that are being paid far below minimum wage at essentially slave labour prices. One popular online retailer last year was selling a bikini for £1, If you think of where the costs go as we have mentioned above you have to realise that someone isn't being paid if they can sell it for that low of a price. If it isn't a cost to you it is a cost to someone else. The cost of having minimum wage, or decent working conditions. Many of the big companies are becoming more sustainable with their materials but still lack the ethical factor. This is one thing you can almost guarantee with small independent businesses, you know where the clothes are being made and that they are in safe conditions.


Our donations

At the time of starting SoSo Swim, we are working alongside different projects to give back for where we aren't able to do any more. Even though we are trying to be as sustainable as possible of course we still are making a mark on the planet. When you go to make a purchase you can see the full details of this and where the money goes. Also we have teamed up with Heathy Seas to give 1% of each purchase to help them keep our oceans clean. Heathy Seas is an amazing example of non-profits and industry working together for the same aim - a better planet and healthier seas. They clean the oceans and this is then made in ECONYL, the fabric used for your swimsuit. We will have more blog posts going into further detail about how our donations work.


SoSo Swim

We have tried to keep the prices of our bikinis as low as possible, but of course being sustainable and ethical does come at a slightly higher price. I believe we are very price competitive with other brands but of course we would never be able to compete with fast fashion because it is a wholly unsustainable business. By buying a swimsuit from us you will know that every step of our production is at the moment as sustainable as it can be. We hope through reading this you have realised why our prices are as they are, and it makes you realise that we can't change the tide on the climate crisis.

We have spent a lot of time researching to make our product as sustainable as possible, but if you have any suggestions to go even further, please do let us know. We are currently in the works to also have Eco thread, made from post consumer waste on each of our swimsuits too, we will update you when this happens.