A plastic free kitchen

A plastic free kitchen

A plastic free kitchen.

by Romy Jackson June 29, 2021


Moving towards a minimalist lifestyle can be a lot of fun and can make you feel much calmer in your own home. One excellent place to start can be your kitchen. A place in the home that is full of plastic but can be adjusted with some easy steps.

These refillable jars from Green Island Co are the perfect addition to any kitchen. They are super aesthetic and can be great for rice, pasta, or nuts. Invest in some refillable jars and then find your local refillable store. Another way to keep your plastic low is to change out your olive oil from a plastic bottle to a glass bottle, this is a really easy swap but makes all the difference. It is also another more aesthetic change that can make your kitchen look much more minimalistic.  

 A new alternative I found the other day that I have to share is this wood pulp sponge from Peace with the wild. They are 100% biodegradable, plastic free and sustainably sourced. Such a great alternative to conventional sponges that are made of polyester. This is a must have sustainable change that I had never even thought about before and definitely should be an addition to your kitchen.

 For washing up liquid, there are many great refill options in the supermarkets now. You can buy a big bag refill and buy some of these lovely bottles from Clean Natured that would fit perfectly in any home. Or if you prefer a washing up soap bar there are also some good options online and this could be paired with a lovely ceramic soap holder.Make sure to check out our pinterest to see as we continue to fill our sustainable kitchen board.

 If you have any other plastic free kitchen tips, drop them below.






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